American Augers 48/54-900 auger boring machines.

The smaller diameter directional drilling projects were facilitated with use of our smaller drills. They are the Vermeer 24/40 directional drill (3) with 24,000 pounds of thrust.

The larger diameter projects were all completed utilizing a Vermeer 80xlOO or an 80x120 directional drill. Factory specs with regard to pullback strength are 80,000 pounds. We have rebuilt both of these machines to have 110,000 and 120,000 pounds respectively. The large bores were completed with our 300,000 pound drill by Vermeer Mfng. Co.

McElroy Electrofusion Equipment
Digitrak Location Equipment
Paratrak Locating systems Vermeer mud recyclers
Mud Tech and Godwin drilling fluid pumps
An array of rock drilling motors and openers Mud Tech high volume pumps
American Augers Horizontal Earth Boring Machines

Fleet of approximately 75 additional pieces of equipment including work trucks, trailers,
dump trucks, crane trucks, excavators, backhoes, etc